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Use of Parish Hall


Dear parents, carers and everyone in the wider community

I’m delighted to tell you that common sense has prevailed and that the ban on microphone and amplification has been lifted. Please see the message below from an Environmental Health Officer from the City of Cockburn.

Thank you from each of our precious 695 students for all the emails, and phone calls to the Council and the media. We now look forward to holding our first 2017 assembly in our Parish hall, this Friday at 2.15pm.  Channel 7, 9 and 10 will feature this story on their evening news programs tonight.

I emphasise again that the Parish and school are committed to rectifying the sound issues in the near future so that evening school and parish events can begin again. We respect the right of our neighbours to enjoy a peaceful home environment and we will abide by the recommendations of the sound engineers.

Kind regards
Helen O’Toole
St Jerome’s Primary School

Dear Helen

I refer to our meeting last week and our conversation this morning in respect to on-going noise complaints from the use of St Jerome’s Church.

I can confirm that the City has reviewed the matter and the school activities such as assemblies and music practice/lesson Monday to Friday (8:00am-4:00pm) during school hours are for educational purposes and therefore allowable.

It would however, be appreciated if you could be mindful of near-by residents and take all reasonable measures to prevent excessive noise.

Including ensuring exit doors and any windows remain closed during activities.

The City looks forward to continuing to work with the parish as the owners of the facility to resolve and finalise the matter.

I trust you will clarify the matter with your school community.