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3 Year Old Kindergarten

St Jerome’s Primary School Three Year Old Kindergarten Program is based around fun and stimulating experiences that foster the philosophy of ‘Learning through Play’.

We aim to engage children in play based experiences that develop their language skills, imagination, social skills, self confidence and independent behaviour.

The children are encouraged to participate in a range of activities that promote developmentally appropriate ideas and concepts. Our daily routine provides the opportunities for a balanced program including indoor and outdoor activities, teacher guided experiences and independent free play. The children engage in a range of activities such as craft, painting, construction, writing, dance, movement and role play to develop their understanding of the world around them.

The program is run by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and a qualified Education Assistant. The maximum class size is 20 and once each session has reached its capacity there will be no more places available. Children must have already turned three before commencing classes and preferably be fully toilet trained.

Aims of the Three Year Old Kindergarten Program

The aims of early childhood education are:

  • Promote school readiness in the child, their family and school.
  • To assist each child to develop a positive sense of self and to develop morally and spiritually.
  • Encourage self help and independence in young children.
  • Enhance the development of the whole child across the physical, social and emotional, language, cognitive and spiritual domains.
  • Assist children to develop a positive self image and self efficacy.
  • Encourage parent participation in the school environment.
  • Provide an aesthetically pleasing environment that encourages learning in the young child.
  • Create a safe, secure and nurturing physical and human environment.
  • To acknowledge, value and celebrate each child’s individuality.
  • Make available support to parents in relation to the child’s development.
  • Include flexibility in the programme which allows for individuals needs of each child.
  • Provide a developmentally appropriate programme for three year old children.
  • To assist children to develop fine & gross motor skills (through such activities as craft, painting, drawing, writing, cutting, play and dance).
  • To promote learning through play and other experiences to develop cognitive understandings and to encourage imagination.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Developmentally appropriate practice is when an early childhood professional provides a program that nurtures all aspects of a child’s development.

The Three Year Old Kindergarten Program recognises, acknowledges and includes:

  • Each child developing at a different rate and that their learning takes place in different ways and at different rates.
  • Beginning with the child’s existing skills, strengths and interests and building upon these.
  • Allowing each child the time to develop, master and practice new skills and knowledge.
  • Allowing each child time for quiet reflection.
  • Experiences that provide opportunity for exploration at each child’s pace.
  • Stimulating curiosity and wonder in each child.
  • Promoting creativity across a variety of areas including, art, music and movement.
  • Encouraging children’s developing independence.
  • The significance of the family as first teacher of the child.
  • Utilises all forms of play as the vehicle for learning and teaching