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Private Music Lessons

St Jerome’s offers a variety of different instruments for private tuition on its school premises. Students who take private lessons are able to audition for the school band as well as the Performing Arts Festival.

For more information regarding availability and fees, please contact our tutors directly.


Vocals: Jenelle Russo of Jenelle Russo Studio

0415 772 282

Email:  Jenellerussostudio@bigpond.com



Keyboard/Piano: Keyed Up Music

0479 171 424 or 6107 8841

Email:  enquiry@keyedupmusic.com.au


Drums:  Vince Pavitt

0404 583 182

Email:  vpavitt@aapt.net.au

 Guitar:  Tony Annese

0437 494 528

Email:  maannese@yahoo.com.au

Guitar:  Priam Bacich

0419 929 554

Email:  pbacich7@gmail.com