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West School Supplies is an online company and does not have a retail store however if you have any questions please contact their friendly customer help desk open 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

For any queries please contact West School Supplies
Telephone: 9440 4418
Email: enquire@westschoolsupplies.com.au

Place your order online.

  1. Visit booklist.westschoolsupplies.com.au
  2. Click on “Student Orders”
  3. Enter the school code: STJBT1
  4. Enter the password: STJ976
  5. Select the relevant year level.
  6. Click on “Display my list” and follow the prompts.

Ordering your 2021 booklist through West School Supplies, our school’s preferred supplier, ensures your child receives the correct items as chosen by the school for the 2021 curriculum.  Placing your order using the easy home delivery option will also assist in raising additional funds for our school.  You have the option of ordering online or via post.  Please see the booklist for more information.