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Parent Teacher Interviews


Booking Parent Teacher interviews:  Week 7 and Week 8

The Link to booking interviews will become live at 3:30pm on Wednesday 17th March at 3:30 pm. Parents can obtain their  pin number by  accessing the website.  https://bookings.parentteacheronline.com.au?school=hnzja     where the following screen will appear.  Click on the ‘Obtain Pin/Password’ and a pin number will be sent to the email currently supplied to the school.   If you do not receive the pin it may be that your email address needs updating. Please contact the office to update your email and receive your pin.

Parent-Teacher Interviews – Frequently Asked Questions

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When are interviews taking place?

Interviews are taking place during Week 7 and 8 of this term. Each teacher sets their own interview availability.  Teachers are here until 6pm on Tuesday 30 March.  Some teachers may offer earlier interviews in week 7.

How do I book an interview?

You can book online by going to https://www.stjeromes.wa.edu.au/portal/ then selecting “Parents” and clicking on the link to “PTO (Interviews)”.

Alternatively, you can download the PTO App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Simply search for PTO. Once you have downloaded the app you need to enter the code hnzja

Interviews can be booked from 3.30pm on Wednesday 17 March.

Do both parents have to book interviews?

Only one parent / guardian needs to login to PTO and book interviews. Both parents / guardians are welcome to attend the interview.

Login details are sent to both parents should they wish to book seperate interviews due to family situations.

How can I find out when a teacher is available for interviews?

You can see all of the available interview times for your child’s teacher by logging in to Parent-Teacher Online.

Do I have to book online?

All parents and guardians must book their interviews online. Teachers are unable to take bookings over email or by approaching them directly. The only way to secure your time is by booking via Parent-Teacher Online.

When can I book my interviews?

You will be able to book interview times from 3.30pm on Wednesday 17 March. Interviews will finish on Thursday 1 April.

Do I have to book an interview?

It is expected that at least one parent or guardian of each child will meet with the teacher.

Does my child need to attend the interview?

From Pre-Primary to Year 3 the interviews are between the parent or guardian and the teacher.

From Year 4 to Year 6 the interviews are between the child, parent or guardian and the teacher.

How long is each interview?

Interview timeslots are 10 minutes.

The time slot was available, but then I received an error message?

Other parents may be making bookings at the same time that you are using the system.

It is possible, that a time slot is displayed to you as available, but is then booked by another parent shortly afterwards. If you then attempt to book this time slot it will not be available, and a message will be displayed to indicate this. Please ensure you re-book an interview time.



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