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School Policies

Policies within Catholic Education in WA have been developed to ensure consistent and optimum learning environments. Some key policies are available below for your information. Should you have other queries relating to policies, please contact St Jerome’s on 08 9499 9500.

Attendance Management Policy The School Education Act 1999 requires compulsory aged students to attend school or participate in an educational program of a school. St Jerome’s Primary school monitors and manages student attendance in order to maximise the opportunities of all students to learn.
Code of Conduct for Staff When working with children from St Jerome’s Primary School all staff and volunteers are acting in a position of trust. It is important that staff and volunteers are aware that they may be seen as role models by children, and must act in an appropriate manner at all times.
Code of Conduct for Parents The Parent Code of Conduct is a guide to how parents can support the school in our endeavours to fulfil the vision of education and bring out the best in children while they are at St Jerome’s Primary School.
Communication Policy In valuing the partnership that exists between parents / guardians and teachers, it is underpinned by open and respectful communication.
Composition of Classes Policy At St Jerome’s the classes are constructed in the best interests of the children. This happens on a yearly basis. Teachers have excellent knowledge of how the children relate, work and socialise in current classes and the playground, and all of this information is used in the composition of classes.
18HO Homework Policy – final – August 2018 St Jerome’s believes that home learning is a part of the whole school learning programme. It is an integral part of children’s education.   It helps maintain communication between the school and home on the child’s academic growth and reinforces basic skills and concepts taught in class.
Mobile Phone Policy The school discourages the bringing of mobile telephones to school by students but we accept there are times when it might be deemed important. We are therefore prepared to allow them on the premises only within the parameters of this policy and only when it is deemed necessary by parents.
Safe School Policy Part 1- Behaviour Management At St Jerome’s our Safe School policy supports the National Safe Schools Framework which is a collaborative effort by the Australian Government, State and Territory government, non-government school authorities and other key stakeholders. It presents a way of achieving a shared vision of student wellbeing for all students in all Australian schools.
Safe School’s Policy Part 2 – Anti Bullying Policy At St Jerome’s our Safe School policy supports the National Safe Schools Framework which is a collaborative effort by the Australian Government, State and Territory government, non-government school authorities and other key stakeholders. This section of the policy articulates the anti-bullying strategies and processes in place at our school.
Pastoral Care Policy Pastoral care is the school’s concern for the development of all individuals in its community and its ongoing response to their various needs.
School Uniform Policy Students are obliged to wear the school uniform provided by the St Jerome’s Uniform Shop at an economical charge.
Selection of Texts Policy Selection and use of texts is a rigorous and careful process. The values and attitudes at St. Jerome’s are founded upon the teaching of Jesus Christ. It is these values and attitudes which inform the selection and use of texts at St. Jerome’s.    
Student Enrolment Policy In Western Australia, the Mandate of the Bishops requires the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia to make Catholic school education available to all Catholic children, insofar as this is possible.
Student use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy (Being updated) ICT and in particular the Internet, are valuable tools in the Catholic school’s goal to educate the whole person. The Internet offers great educational opportunities when we use it responsibly.
Reporting Policy, Cycle and Schedule St Jerome’s Primary School recognises the importance of reporting to parents. The policy is a requirement of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority and outlines the various ways the school reports to parents.
The Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum The Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum (KS:CPC ) is mandated in all public preschools and schools and is taught by teachers who have completed a full day KS:CPC training course. It is a world-class, evidence-based child safety program that is used by a range of other Australian and international schools.
18 Intimate Care Guidelines At St Jerome’s Primary School we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students. We are committed to ensuring that all staff who are responsible for the intimate care of students will undertake their duties in a professional manner at all times.