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Swimming Carnival Yr 4-6

The Faction Swimming Carnival for Years 4 to 6 will be held at Fremantle Aquatic Centre, Shuffrey Street, Fremantle on Thursday 16th March.  Children will be taken to and from the pool by bus.  This is a compulsory carnival for all children in Years 4 to 6.

All children must wear school sports uniform, with their bathers on underneath, and thongs to school.  We encourage as many children as possible to wear rash shirts (rashies).  Children are required to bring any medications, school hat, bathers, towel, healthy lunch and snacks, appropriate footwear and a water bottle in a clearly labelled backpack or plastic bag.  Children should not bring their iPad to school on March 16.

If you are taking your child home directly from the carnival you must provide your child’s teacher with a note before the carnival.  You also need to ensure that you speak to your child’s teacher on the day, before taking your child.  We ask parents not to take children home before the presentations.

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