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At St Jerome’s Primary School, technology is integrated across the curriculum.  Each class has a computer connected to a Smart Television.  In each of our classes from Pre Primary to Year Two there are fifteen iPads for shared use in each class. In Year Three, each child is allocated a school owned device for use on site.   In Years Four to Six, students participate in the BYOSD (Bring Your Own Specified Device) program.

Though we do not recommend one company over another to purchase your child’s iPad for 2021, Winthrop Computing and JB HIFI have provided a portal for purchasing the required iPad and accessories at competitive prices.  They will also load the required Management Device for the school, prior to delivery of the device.

The required device for students entering Year Four in 2021 is

Apple iPad 8th Gen 10.2 – 128GB – (Wi-Fi)

An Apple Pencil or a Logi Tech crayon for iPad 8th Gen irecommended but is not compulsory

The links to the Winthrop Computing and JB HIFI  portals are below:

JB HIFI Portal


Winthrop Computing Portal


BYOSD   Requirements for 2021 and MDM explained.


iPad Protection

We suggest that you shop around for a cover that suits your needs and budget.  We do however recommend that the IPad cover has  protective ‘glass’,  as the majority of accidents are screen related and the cost of replacement without insurance is considerable.

iPads come with a 2 year warranty from Apple.  This warranty does not cover accidental damage, loss or theft.  iPads can be insured through many Home and Contents Insurance Policies, in some cases they are automatically insured.  It is important that you consider your own situation and speak with an insurance company for more information.

There is also the option to purchase AppleCare.  AppleCare products provide expert telephone technical support and additional hardware service options from Apple.  Because Apple makes the hardware, the operating system and many applications, Apple products are truly integrated systems.  Only AppleCare gives you one-stop service and support from Apple experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call.  AppleCare product benefits are in addition to any legal rights provided by Australian consumer law.  For more information on AppleCare please go to https://www.apple.com/au/support/products/

Disclaimer: The above list does not represent all companies that sell suitable cases and covers.  The school has no particular affiliation with any of the companies above.

General Care at Home and School - click here for more information.

Some general advice:

  1. Heavy objects should never be placed or stacked on top of the iPad. This includes books, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.
  2. Use both hands when carrying the iPad.
  3. Covers should be in place anytime the iPad is not in use.
  4. Always put the iPad in a safe place when it is not being used.
  5. The iPad may be damaged by water. Keep it away from drinks, other liquids and rain.
  6. Don’t drink or eat while using the iPad.
  7. Clean the iPad with a soft lint free or microfiber cloth. Never use cleaning liquids.
  8. Take care when inserting and removing cords into the iPad. Never force cords into it as it may cause damage.
  9. Do not expose the iPad to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight or ultraviolet light for extended periods of time.

Apple in Education - click here for more information.

Designed for Your Child

For more than 40 years, Apple has been committed to creating the best tools for learning.  Every detail — from the hardware and operating system to a suite of built-in apps that come standard on every device — is engineered from the inside out to be incredibly powerful, yet intuitively simple to use by every type of learner.  Learn more about Apple products in education: www.apple.com/au/education

Personalised Learning

Apple technology gives teachers the freedom to create customised learning plans that work best for each student’s unique learning style.  See how real teachers are transforming their classrooms: www.apple.com/au/education/real-stories

Proven Results

Students who learn with Apple are not only reaching their academic goals, they’re more engaged and more motivated.  Read about how it’s working: www.apple.com/education/docs/iPad_in_Education_Results.pdf

Digital Citizenship

Our students have grown up in a digital world; they’re tech-savvy and active learners.  Apple products are designed not only to be as engaging as this world students live in, but also to help students develop the skills they need for the future.  Students need to establish responsible use habits, and this starts at home with young learners.  Download the Family Time with Apps book, free on the iBooks Store, to help you create the kind of digital environment you want for your student: itunes.apple.com/au/book/family-time-with-apps/id947566683?mt=13


2020 BYOD - Apps List Click here for more information.

As apps are released throughout the year, there may be some adjustment to the list below each term.  You may receive an email from your child’s class teacher, or the website may be updated.

Apps can be thought of as small programs, with developers releasing updates on a regular basis.  To ensure that apps function correctly it is important that they are updated.

Below is the core bank of apps required for 2020 Years 4 – 6.

 20-BYOD-Required-Apps-Term-1 (002)

Repairs for Apple phones or Tablet devices - special offer from iWorkshop

I recently took a school Ipad to be repaired at Iworkshop at Garden City and was impressed with the excellent service and attention received from the manager Eric Voon. After discussion with Eric, he kindly offered to donate an iPad valued at ($469) to the school in return for advertising his services at school. The IPad will be given to the P&F and become part of the Silent Auction for the Retro Bingo night.

As a special welcome, Eric also kindly offered a “Bring a friend” deal to students and friends of the school for any Apple phone or tablet devices. This deal encourages anyone to bring two broken devices in and have them fixed at the same time. If both items are fixed at the same time, the second device is done for half price. The second device must be equal to or less than the first device booked in. Any additional device brought in on the same day can be also included in this deal; however, he will have the right to not accept the additional devices.

Please check out the Facebook page for Iworkshop Garden City below. Be sure to mention you are from St Jerome’s school when you visit his kiosk near the entrance where the Post office used to be.

Carol Hoare
August 2018