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Located in Lake Coogee (formerly Munster) – St Jerome’s Primary School has a history of more than 80 years in the area and the school is also integral to St Jerome’s Parish, formally Spearwood, now Lake Coogee.

With almost 600 students from 3 Year Old Kindy to Year 6, the diverse and dynamic school life that is St Jerome’s Primary School, is reflective of the Parish and the multicultural communities which breathe life into our wonderful school. It has been meeting the spiritual, educational and pastoral needs of young people since 1935.

We have more than 80 teaching and non-teaching staff who are committed to providing a high level of pastoral care and quality education for students.

There are specialist programs in the following areas in 2022.

  • Music (PP to Year 6)
  • Instrumental Music (See Private Music Lessons)
  • Physical Education (PP to Year 6)
  • Library
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Languages – Italian (PP to Year 6)
  • Wellbeing - Highway Heroes

Our Catholic faith is taught in every class according to the Religious Education Guidelines provided by the office of Catholic Education Western Australia Ltd.

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